Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where we live...the 700 sq. ft. grand tour

I've been meaning to do this (I've even had this post started) for like 6 months now but I just haven't gotten around to it...until now! I wanted to put up some pictures of our place before it gets completely renovated to accommodate our newest family member. I imagine I'll put up some more pics of our place after we have everything set for Lily...just for comparison purposes, it's gonna be tight!
From the front door
Our kitchen
Our front room
(the lights on the window are leftover from Christmas...we'll take them down eventually I'm sure!)
Bathroom (me standing in the shower)
Our bedroom (with special view of our closet and desk)
Yup, that's it...any ideas where to put a kid?

[Clarification: any ideas where to put all that stuff that comes with a kid-crib, swing, bouncer, all those cute clothes everyone keeps giving her, etc?!]


Emma said...

From what I have heard, babies can sleep anywhere. They are easy to please as long as they are fed, changed and loved. We will have Haley in our bedroom in a cradle at the foot of the bed for the first few months. Your place is way cute, and You'll find a way to accommodate Lily, look at how organized you already are. Way to go!

Joni Dew said...

What a cute place! Do you do decorating for others? If you don't have room, you can always leave Lily at our place?! ;)

Erin said...

i'm sure tiny little lily will fit just right. are you guys gonna stay there long term? we're still not sure where we're gonna land when we get to the big d in a few weeks. eep.

Parkinson Family said...

how cute! well seeing that there are basically attached to you for uh the first few months, you wont have to worry about it til then :)

Kathryn Peters said...

Maybe your Uncle Dennis needs to come over and build you some shelves. You should talk to him. He's always up for travel!

tadd&cat said...

It's so cute! Where did you get that wire-tree thing on the wall in your bathroom? I love your style!

Stephie said...

Ok, how come I didn't get the interior design gene?? Your place is beautiful! Babies don't take up that much room until they start playing with toys!

Kathryn Peters said...

Mikel, is your Mom coming out when you have the baby? Do you have any idea if your doctor is the inducing kind if you go over? Are you starting to have contractions? Just a caring Aunt!

Jami said...

Hey Mikel, sorry to do this here, but I don't have your email. I need to get a guest list for your shower so I can make the invitations and get them out. Thanks!