Friday, April 11, 2008

We live in a black hole.

As much as we really love our little apartment there are a few serious drawbacks.

1. We don't get cell service inside our apartment--beyond annoying, if I'm not careful I might go on a tirade about that for hours!

2. We don't get steady internet inside our apartment.

3. Mail seems to enter a time warp when being sent to us and for some reason we always seem to get it about a week late.

4. We live on the bottom floor facing the inside of our complex, which just means we really don't get much by way of natural light.

Now, living in a black hole also leaves us rather uninformed at times. For example, apparently Dallas had some weather. We were aware of, and woken up by, some serious storms a few times this week but by morning everything seemed fine, it was still at least 70 degrees, it couldn't have been that bad, right?



Jenna said...
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Sally said...

I thought the same thing about the tornadoes--slept through the whole thing, while up the street the Viehwegs were taking cover in the bathroom! I'm glad it didn't really hit us..yikes! said...

Crazy! I recently learned that T-mobile works nowhere in Blacksburg VA. Well, maybe some places, but the most I ever get is three bars. I get no service on most of the campus I work on and none in my room of my apartment. I do have internet though. Who needs communication though, really?