Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Shower (aka. Blow to my Self-Esteem)!

I just received the pictures that were taken at the baby shower that my mom, Ashley, and Lindsay put on for me [Thank you guys so much for doing that!!]. The shower was a total blast! We had a great turn out and it was sooo fun to see everyone. I have to say though that my self-esteem is taking a pretty big hit by me putting up these pictures for y'all to see. I even went through and tried to only put the best ones up so yeah, these are the best ones. :( I keep begging Dave to tell me that I don't look like that in real life! The camera adds 10 (or 20) pounds...right?
The yummy food...huge pregnant women first!

Pictures of some of the people in attendance

One of the games we played (the bags spell 'Lily Blake') and some gifts!
Some of the cute gifts for Lily!!

I want to thank everyone so much for coming and bringing such adorable things for Lily! I wish I could have put pictures up of everyone's gifts but I didn't have pictures of everything and there were some (of me) I just couldn't bear to show to the world!


Net said...

Oh Mikel, Mikel - I'd tell you I have sympathy for you, but I don't because I think you look great! That being said, I do know what it's like to feel ginormous. And uncomfortable. And know it's only going to get worse before it gets better. And before this gets headed down the wrong path, let me go back to my original point -- you look great! You look pregnant, and you are! So it's all good. Enjoy all the fun things like going first in line & seconds on dessert while you can!

Tadd and Cat said...

It breaks my heart that you think you look big. You don't, and I'm not just saying that!!! You really do look so great! I hope you got a ton of fun stuff for the baby!

Kathryn Peters said...

What are talking about, you look beautiful!! So sorry, once again, we couldn't be there!!

Van Leeuwen Family said...

Mikel, you really do look fabulous! Just enjoy the first one because that's when you are the smallest!! Yikes, I know. I have number four in my belly, and at 11 weeks I am already showing. I didn't show with number 1 until I was around four or five months along. I can't wait to see Lily, she is going to be a beauty like her mommy I am sure!