Thursday, November 19, 2009

The big 1-8!

It's the time again. Lily is officially 18 months old which I don't think means a lot to her (except a trip to the doctor's office) but is totally blowing my mind.

The Stats:

Length: 34 in. (95th percentile)
Weight: 26 lb. (50-75th percentile)
Head: 18.75 in. (75th percentile)

She did not handle the visit all. Yup, she flipped out unlike anything I have ever experienced from her. She clung to me for dear life the entire time. You would have thought they were trying to chop her head off with that head-circumference measuring tape. They couldn't even get her weight. I had to hold her and stand on the scale, then put her screaming self down so they could weigh just me and subtract the numbers to figure out how much she weighs.

Anyway, we couldn't be more in love. She is the greatest happiness in our lives.


Brittany said...

She probably remembers getting shots there. Brock was like that for a few years. Even if the appointment wasn't for him, he'd freak out as we walked in the doors. He did eventually get over it!

David Blake said...

Love you lily. It is hard to imagine joy without you. Happy 1.5 kiddo.

Ross said...

She's always in the cutest clothes! Ethan has turned into a very clingy boy recently too. We had a similar situation at the drs just last week! Makes nursery tough too.. argh