Thursday, November 5, 2009


Halloween weekend this year was full of festivities: both fun and exhausting! Lily loved dressing up and carrying around her 'baggie' (her flower pail) but she was also terrified of almost everybody. She would scream every time I put her down--I carried her for about 2 days solid. I wasn't able to get even ONE shot of her where she wasn't scared or crying (even if she did look darling!)

We went to the costume parade at my mom's school, we partied with my extended family (here for more pics) on Friday. We trick-or-treated in both Alpine and Cedar Hills on Saturday night. Dave was out of town the week of Halloween so by the end I was pretty delirious.

(Here we are at the end of the night...can you tell I'm just a little bit frazzled!)
All I can say is that I'm grateful for a fun weekend and to have survived!


Stephie said...

No I cannot! I can't tell at all that you are "frazzled"! You and Lily both we're darling in your costumes! xo

Ashley said...

super cute! turned out great!

Sally said...

Great updates! I esp love the bee costume--too cute!! And you look great :) Gorgeous, actually--cute preggy mommy!