Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Parkinson Family Reunion

The week of July 24th was the Parkinson (Dave's mom's side) family reunion. We went to a ranch type thing down by Zions National Park. There was lots of fun stuff to do: a rockwall, zipline, paintball, ATVs, horseback riding, pony rides, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, and foosball! It was fun to get to get to know and hang out with all of Dave's extended family--even though Dave couldn't even come!

Lily and Grandpa at dinner

We took a family picture and our color was black. I dare you to try to find something black for a 2 month old baby...this was the only thing in the entire valley!

Random pics of Lily in her swim gear!

Mommy had a little fun too!


Emma said...

Lily is so sweet! You look way good too, and I am so jealous you're back in Alpine, I'll have to visit you whenever we are up for football season.

Sally said...

Looks so fun! Good find on the black wear. Who woulda thought that would be hard??

Parkinson Family said...

fun and i totally can relate to the black and white outfit, i had to find one for my mons wedding and there are NONE! the one you did find was cute though! love the socks!

Dave said...

She looks like an oompa-loompa in the shot with my Dad. Ha.