Sunday, April 20, 2008

Childbirth class...double yikes....

Yesterday was the second of two classes that Dave and I attended in preparation for Lily. Again, overall, I found it helpful and informative. And again, it didn't totally relieve all my fears of labor and delivery. But I did leave feeling more optimistic. Basic class outline:

Discomforts and warning signs of labor: The most helpful part of this section was talking about the difference between how Braxton Hicks contractions and real labor contractions feel.

Anatomy and Terminology: Don't think I learned anything new here...I'm pretty aware of the anatomy and terminology involved at this point. (The first question on the sheet was something like "The upside down pear-shaped organ that houses your baby during pregnancy--" If you don't know what your uterus is by got bigger problems!)

Stages and Phases of Labor: I actually found this section extremely helpful. It was nice to see the 3 different phases of labor broken down, given time frames, and levels of dilation, etc. For example, Phase 1 (Early Labor) is the longest, usually lasting up to 8 hours, with dilation of 1-3 cm. Phase 2 (Active Labor) usually about 5 hours, with dilation of 3-7 cm. Phase 3 (Transition) is the worst one but also the shortest usually only lasting 2 hours tops. All of this is given a normal/healthy labor obviously.

Comfort Measures/Breathing and Relaxation: This section was alright. We practiced some breathing, imagery, distraction techniques. We'll just have to see how useful those turn out to be.

Medications: Again, don't think I really learned anything new that pertains to my situation.

Tour: We took a tour of the hospital. Always good to have some idea where you're going and what the rooms will be like. Seemed nice enough!

Cesarean: This was the part that left me just as freaked out (if not more) than I already was. Mostly because since Lily is so big there is a real chance that I'll have to have one. I'll be having another ultrasound in about two weeks to get an idea of how big she is when I come to term. Then I'll have a meeting with my doctor to discuss possibilities...I DON'T WANT A C-SECTION!

Postpartum: I have to admit I wasn't paying all that much attention to this part...I was just more focused on the getting-the-child-here-safely part of the class.

Alright...only 3 more weeks until I come to term...can I make it one more month??


Parkinson Family said...

thats so exciting, one month, wow! and thats great that you guys are taking classes, i dont think david would ever go to something like that with me. so, good for dave! Anyways, so thats crazy that the baby is so big, so do they just think a c section is best when its big cause it could get stuck or something? how do they determine that? Anyways, yes I have had 2 kids and your little outlines are teaching me plenty, thanks maybe i'll be ready for my next one! lol:)

Joni Dew said...

I hope you don't mind me sharing my opinion...Please please please don't consider a c-section just because the baby is going to be big. Also just because an ultrasound says it's a certain weight doesn't mean that the baby really is. Ultrasounds can be over a pound off either direction. My advice would be to research techniques to birthing bigger babies or talk to a dula. Lathen came two weeks early (on his own) and was 8lbs 14.5oz. I was scared by a doctor that Kiera was WAY bigger and ended up with a c-section and she was only 7lbs 15 oz. I HATED my c-section, worst experience ever. Anyway, just some thoughts I have. If you want to hear more feel free to ask.

Either way, good luck! And by no means are you a failer if you go with the c-section (it's way tough and anyone that thinks it's the easy way out is crazy!)

Sorry this is so long and full of my opinion. :)

Jami said...

That's crazy they think you've got a big one in there, I think you still look tiny!

Kathryn Peters said...

Mikel, you should call Tristen. She has had three C-Sections and is about to have her fourth. 801-231-4127

Brittany said...

My doctors kept thinking my boys would be big too, and they were 7 lb 12 oz and 8 lb 3 oz, which are both in the average range. My husband was over 12 lbs, and so was our cousin Michael... neither of whom were delivered by C-section. I know Lindsay has opinions about c-sections too, she really wanted to have Sam non c, but it didn't work out for her. I don't know what to tell you! I have heard of others who loved having a c-section. Good Luck! You'll be fine either way! I'm excited for you - and still very jealous of how close you are (I still have about 8 weeks)!