Saturday, April 19, 2008

A reluctant post about the FLDS

I had made the conscious decision that I didn't want to get involved or wrapped up at all with the FLDS stuff here in Texas. When I first saw the headlines all I could think was, "Oh no, not this polygamy stuff again! I don't want to have to deal with explaining that those people are NOT us!" So I decided I wanted to remain completely ignorant and wash my hands of the whole thing so that if anyone asked I could just say that I didn't know anything about those polygamist weirdos.

That is, until I talked to my mom earlier this week and she told me that more than 400 children had been taken from their homes and mothers! After having now spent a few days reading about the whole situation I feel a wide range of (often conflicting) emotions: shock, outrage, sympathy, repulsion. As it turns out, this isn't really even about polygamy. It's about constitutional rights.

But, instead of going on a rant about the whole situation I'll just direct you to a couple of people who have written posts that describe my own feelings probably better than I can. Jeff Lindsay and Connor Boyack.

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Parkinson Family said...

sorry i didnt read those two other peoples post about this topic so i dont know what they said, but yeah this one is a tough one, it is crazy to me that they took 416 children from their mothers but from what they believe is happening, i think and hope it will be best for the kids. My mom works with a polygamist from colorado city and she tells my mom very disturbing things that has happened to her and things that she believes is happening to her children. Why she doesnt leave i dont know, but anyways, if there was a cry for help i support their decision to take action but if it is just cause they think they are weird and dont agree with them then thats a different story. But it is a very crazy situation, i'll be waiting to see what happens