Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentines in Fort Worth

Dave's work schedule made it rather difficult for us to celebrate Valentines Day this year. We haven't been able to say more than about a sentence or two to each other for a few weeks now. We knew we wouldn't get to see each other on Valentines Day and that Dave would be working most of the weekend as well so we planned a Saturday afternoon/evening event in Fort Worth. Neither of us had been out there so it was fun to do something new (see last post)! And I made a special point of making sure to put my camera in my purse but of course I left my bag in the car for everything. So the few pictures we do have were taken on Dave's Blackberry and are very poor quality :(

We hit a few museums, the Kimball Art Museum and the Modern Art Museum.

Pregnant Picasso

We walked around in downtown Forth Worth. I was very surprised...Forth Worth is a very small city. The 'downtown' consisted of like 4 streets. But they had some fun shops and boutiques and of course Lenny's Cowboy outfitters (it was tough to get Dave out of there without buying a pair of $1000 boots)!

Then we went to dinner at Ferre, a nice Italian restaurant. They seated us in one of those love-bird booths where we could cuddle and take our time.

We also had tickets to a show downtown. It was a concert by Matt Dusk, a young crooner, served with dessert and dancing! It was very romantic and loads of fun!


Amanda said...

Wow! What a fun day! Joseph and I have been seeing less of each other lately as well, and while it is tough and I wouldn't want to live like this forever, it makes the time we do have together that much more fun and precious. I'm glad you guys were able to make the time to do something special for Valentine's Day.

Joni Dew said...

What a fun date! You two are such a cute couple!

Lauren said...

Wow sounds like a perfect date to me! Those are all of my favorite things to do!

Parkinson Family said...

thats sweet that you guys got to spend the day together! sorry you left you camera, but the pics didnt turn out that bad. and you're getting bigger! how fun! you look pregnant now, how does it feel? :)

Sally said...

How fun!! Sounds like a great Valentines' date! You look so cute--and I agree with Joni- you guys are such a cute couple!