Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tagged again...

So there are 2 reasons I'm doing this tag. 1. My husband has been working like a fiend the last few weeks and is now out of town all week and I miss him like crazy. 2. Somewhat related to no. 1, I have a little too much free internet time on my hands. (This is mostly due to the fact that I sit in front of my computer for 6-7 hours a day at work...then I go home and sit in front of the computer all night until Dave gets home sometime around midnight.)

We all know the rules so I'm not going to post them.

How long have you been together? Our first date was the end of October 2005, so almost 2 and a half years total.

Who said "I Love You" first? Definitely him. On our third date we were making wishes at the fountain in front of the administration building on campus when out the blue he wished that I would fall in love with him. What I hadn't told him was that I had already put in my mission papers and was waiting for my call and had no intention of falling in love with him. When I finally did tell him, he didn't miss a step and just convinced me to marry him instead.

Who is smarter? That's the question of the day...or maybe the question of our lives!

Who Pays the Bills? Dave! I was doing it until he graduated and we moved here to the big D. Now he makes the big bucks and we just save my income. Except I'm the one that keeps track of everything and actually writes the checks and mails them and stuff...not sure which question this is referring to.

Who Cooks Dinner? Oh Dave, when we actually eat together. He actually likes cooking (and is pretty good at it). I've been trying more and more lately but we rarely get to eat together anyway so I pretty much always make my own dinner.

Who drives when you're in the car together? Dave all the way! I hate driving. I'm so glad Dave likes it. He drove all the way from Utah to Texas!

Who is the most stubborn? I'd have to say me. We're pretty close though, when we first got married I would have said him but I think he's gotten better and I'm pretty much as stubborn as I always was!

Okay, now three random things about us: 1. We had names picked out for our first 5 or 6 kids before we were even married.

2. As I've said before, my favorite part of being married is that I get to fall asleep with Dave (there's something about that that calms my soul every night) but in a cruel twist of fate he currently works as a consultant which means that when he's in town he gets home between 10 pm and 12 pm otherwise he travels Monday thru Thursday of every week. So I often don't get to fall asleep with him.

3. Dave is a my favorite shopping partner. He probably doesn't want me to tell everyone this but he's a really good shopper and always finds the best stuff!

*Bonus random thing* I'm significantly more deperately in love with him now than I was when we got married.

Anyone who wants to do this, go ahead and consider yourself tagged.


Dave said...

Nice clip art. I like my bow tie.

Parkinson Family said...

oh i like this one. I dont know how you do it with dave gone so much, but we do love all the posting you do!

Jenna said...
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