Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Reading Resolution Update

It's been about a month so I just thought I'd make a quick list of the books I've read since I made my mommy resolution to read one a week. Let's see how I'm doing...


Malcom Gladwell is always interesting.

Thousand Splendid Suns

Really liked this one. I liked that it had alot of Afghanistan's history intertwined with the story. And I liked that it was about two women.


Pretty good. What makes this one worth reading is the fact that it's a true story.

Left to Tell

Very good. It's always hard to read about such atrocities but the author keeps it very inspiring.

Currently (hopefully to be finished this week before Dave gets back): The Spy Went Dancing

The second in a series about a real spy during WWII. Also good because it's true!

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Sally said...

I'm so impressed! and I can't believe you have just a hundred days left-! Good luck!