Friday, August 24, 2007

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

I just finished a phenomenal book: Where Have All the Leaders Gone by Lee Iacocca. The writing style is conversational which makes it a quick read but at the same time it's very insightful. He talks about the desperate need for real leaders in this country, not only political leaders but business and community leaders as well. He gives 9 characteristics that he believes real leaders must have/be:
Common Sense
He challenges us all to apply these criteria to those who currently lead us ("Maybe Congress should take year off and evaluate itself" us where it's working) and to those who would be our leaders as the 2008 election approaches.

It was refreshing to hear the story of a prominent business leader who hasn't run his company into the ground while becoming a multi-millionaire, one that values sacrifice, generosity, and character.

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