Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Road Bikes and Spandex

Since coming to Dallas I've been engaged in a new hobby: Road Biking. Road bikes are not to be confused with street bikes which are motorcycles. Road bikes are what Lance Armstrong rides...you know, those ones with the skinny little tires and the curvy handle bars. It's been a lot of fun and a great way to get some physical activity into my otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

My dad and I drive out to a nice lake trail near down town Dallas called White Rock Lake. The trail goes around the whole lake and is about 10 miles long. My dad has been making me start with the basics and work up. We began by riding mountain bikes so I just borrowed my dad's old one. The fact that he is a full foot taller than me made for a rather uncomfortable ride. It was a good work out and, not having any previous biking experience, I didn't know any better. After a few weeks of the mountain bike and continued aches and pains from riding such an enormous bike my dad decided I'd paid my dues and he got me my own road bike!

After having the bike fitted to me and my petite 5'4" body I thought I was in heaven. I had no idea biking could be so enjoyable! Now I even have some of those oh-so-sexy spandex shorts with the built in seat pads...it's like sitting on a cloud (brick?)! I have to admit, I love this new hobby!

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