Friday, February 23, 2007

States of Grace-Review

By Dave
I really enjoyed the movie. The last couple of years have proven to be a rough streek for Mormon cinema with releases like Church Ball, Sons of Provo, and The Book of Mormon Movie. But this movie proved to be an effective mix of both cultural critique, spiritual introspection, and blockbuster entertainment.

The thought the most moving moment comes when Carl, a gang-banger caught in a drive-by-shooting turned Mormon convert is being confirmed a memebr of the Church. The movie cuts back and forth juxtaposing this between shots of his little brother going out to avenge Carl’s being shot. The circle of priesthood holders laying their hands on Carl is mimicked with shots of street thugs circling Carl’s little brother.

The thing I liked most about the film was the fact that it brought me back to my mission. There is something about being a missionary where the gospel seems fresh and alive, that it matters. The Gospel sometimes has a way of becoming part of a routine and the film really awoke me from the drull that has become my life routine.

It is definitely worth viewing. I give it ****

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