Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stout Christmas Party

My dad and Debbie made a one day appearance in Utah for a quick Christmas visit. We met them up at their posh Canyons Resort suit for dinner, games, and of course presents!

(First video taken with Dave's new flip--me opening Lily's gift since she was MIA.)

(Finally figured out how to play with Lily's new fairy toy.)

(Dad overseeing the presents and candy)

(Greg playing his drum shirt. Yes, that shirt actually plays its own drums!)

Thanks guy for all the awesome gifts and for such a fun night!


David Blake said...

Pics of me playing with Fairies... You better counter that with some pictures of me eating raw meat or something.

Stephie said...

That shirt would have been perfect for my dad! Love it! How fun that your dad & Debbie came up! xo

Parkinson Family said...

fun that they came up!