Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas was such a blast. It was definitely a crazy whirlwind of a weekend. We had all sorts of family in town so it was great to get to spend good quality time with everyone! It also meant driving all over the place-back and forth and back and forth...anyway, on to pics!

(Christmas Eve PJs for Lily)
(Lots of books)

(Lots of chocolate and jewels)

(A new pet)

(Mommy gear--Lil is the best mommy!)

There was lots more, I just don't have pictures of anything else.

The other big news is that Dave and I are leaving for Athens, Greece on Wednesday (that's our gift to each other). If any of you have been there we'd LOVE some travel advice!! I'm super stoked but also super nervous to leave Lily for so long--I've never left her for more than 2 days. In reality I'll probably be the one that has the hardest time with it, Lily gets to stay with both grandmas so she'll probably love every minute of it!

Anyway, that's Christmas 2009 in a nutshell.


Carrie said...

Athens, Greece!! how fun. My brother and sil just got back for there-they were on a Mediterranean cruise. I will ask what they liked. by the way Cache told me it was England.

parky said...

MIkel be careful giving little girls babies with a new baby around the house :) Hailey tries a little too hard to mimic everything LIndsey does, everything! Diapers, diaper rash cream, and of course nursing! Great pictures it was great having lily around these last couple weeks my kids love her.

Erin said...

what a great gift to each other... eat a LOT. greek food in greece is to die for. we found a lot of good eats in monastiraki... that's a fun place to bounce around. and if you can hit an island or a beach, do it.

lily looks like she's got this baby brother stuff down pat. :)