Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She walks (TOTW)

She started walking a few days before her birthday.  This was her first day:


This was yesterday:


She walks like a champ.  Let the terror begin.  I don't know if this is typical but she kinda runs better than she walks. I think she digs the momentum.


Brittany said...

She was really cute on Saturday, being all friendly with June. June would move away from Lily each time she got close - they were cute together, though! And they matched (I wanted to steel those yellow shoes! so cute!)

David Blake said...

That's my girl.

parky said...

Lily rocking it, this is great! Keep on trucking it Lily baby.

Rachel Hagen said...

She does walk! And those swim caps are adorable. It was good to see you guys today!

Susan said...

Cute! I love the little run when they're first learning - it's adorable!