Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh yeah, it was my Birthday.

Tuesday January 20, was a big day, we swore in a new president, the first black president. Historic.

But also, I think it worth mentioning that Tuesday January 20 was also my birthday!

Dave had been working on my birthday present since before Christmas.  Hard at work at the basement work bench for weeks!  On birthday morn we woke up nice and early (7:00 yeah) and Dave sent me upstairs while he set up my presents downstairs.  

Side note/back story: When we moved from Dallas Dave was in a huge hurry (he only had a weekend to get everything packed up) and for some unknown reason he decided to wrap up our furnature using our red comforter from our bed (instead of old sheets and the like)!  Needless to say, our comforter did not make the trip without harm.  There is now a nice big hole right in the middle!  So for the last few months we have been keeping our eyes open for a new comforter and bedding.

So when I came down this is what I saw:

The comforter at the foot of the bed is new and convieniently covers the big hole.  The throw pillows are also new.  What can I say, my hubby has some mad decorating skills.  He also made...yes made by hand... that bulletin board.  He picked out the fabric, ribbon and everything and put it the whole thing together.  Again, what can I say, my hubby has some mad crafty skills! And if that wasn't enough, he recovered those frames with fabric to match the new bedding. Need a closer look?? 

The Blakes were also so kind as to indulge my fantasy of becoming a crafty little housewife by giving me some essential crafty-goods!  And of course a darling new shirt.  

My dad gave me a new pair of jeans...and he really wanted to see a picture of them:

And these are from my mom:

Thanks everyone!


Parkinson Family said...

looks like you had a great bday!! the frame is way cool, go dave!

Dennis and Kathryn Peters said...

Happy Birthday Mikel! What a super husband you have!! He has great taste that's for sure! That's probably why he fell in love with you!

Mark and Jody said...

wow go dave!! a talent i didn't know he had :-)
happy bday mikel!

Beus Family said...

Happy birthday!! Wow, what a guy, way to go Dave. Would he like to give lessons to some of our challenged husbands?

Stephie said...

What an awesome day for you! Dave is by far one of the coolest guys I've never met! Hope I get to meet him and Lily soon! Love you!

Tristen said...

Where do you find a man like that Mikel? You are so lucky! Way to go Dave. If he is available for lessons I will definitely sign Adam up for those!

Lauren said...

Cute and talented hubby!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday! It looks like your family loves you and treated you very well. I love those frames that your husband covered with fabric.

Sally said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!! And Dave's skills are BEYOND impressive--he covered those frames himself??
Secondly, your stockings are rather impressive, too--so cute! Hope y'all are well!