Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello! aka Hail Lily (TOTW)

So Lily has actually been waving for over a month now but that little scamp just wouldn't let me get any video footage of it!  But the other day we were able to sneak this on film.  It's a very poor example of her waves.  They're usually so cute and enthusiastic.  This one looks more like she's hailing Hitler and shunning the paparazzi!  But it'll have to do.


And please excuse the fact that she is naked from the waist up...she's not allowed to wear shirt while eating.  She's messy.


mds0001 said...

the sticking out the tongue is sooo cute.

Rachel Hagen said...

This is hilarious. She really does look like she Hailing Hitler! What are you teaching her?!?

Peters Family said...

So cute!! I love the firs picture!!

Parkinson Family said...

thats funny!