Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Slings & Carriers (aka Ways to shlep your baby around)

For the last little while I have been thinking about slings and baby carriers and the like and was wondering if any of you use one regularly.  Do you have a brand or style that you prefer?  Why?

Also, Mod Mum (a sling retailer) is giving away slings.  And I totally want the Olivia.


Sarah said...

My little girly hated the sling...maybe if I had put her in it since she was a newborn she would've loved it as my friends babies did. So my sling has not gotten used once...i'd definitely try her out in it before you buy. Our baby bjorn however is a much beloved walk, hike, errand, and all things buddy.

Erin said...

i used a sling with fox for about the first 10 minutes of his life, til he outgrew it. it was perfect for hong kong since we walked everywhere. we used moby wrap (http://www.mobywrap.com/), and fox loved it. i don't know how much lily weighs, but the moby may not be the best option for a wiggly non-newborn baby. we also used the lascal M1 baby carrier... similar to a baby bjorn -- i'd recommend it.

Erin said...

I love, love, love slings. My favourite is the Maya Wrap ring sling. Ring slings will allow you carry your little baby in a upright, chest to chest position. The most successful position I've seen!

I have met many people who have found that their baby's didn't like their sling. I have a theory - they were trying a pouch sling with a young baby in the cradle position. If their baby doesn't like to be carried in cradle position then they will hate the sling.

Babies also need to learn about the sling too. You should use your sling at the beginning *only* with a happy, content, active-alert baby. They need to learn that the sling is good and positive. That is mean they will be close to mom. After your baby is comfortable in the sling then feel free to put an upset (but fed and dry etc) baby into the sling.

Happy hunting!