Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Fake Christmas

My brother was in town from Austin for a the two weeks before Christmas.  He had to be back to work for Christmas Eve so we had our own Christmas Eve on the 22nd and Christmas Day on the 23rd.  

On fake Christmas Eve afternoon, Greg, my mom, and I (Dave was working) saw the Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theatre in Salt Lake.  Besides an unfortunate little scuffle with some rather rude lady who was in our seats, the play was great.  Always a good reminder of where our hearts should be at Christmas.

After the play we met up with Dave and Tom at my mom's and made YUMMY french onion soup and steak sandwiches. 

Then my mom had an awesome Christmas service project for us.  She gave us each $100 and we went to Wal-mart and got stuff for hygene kits for a homeless shelter.  With the leftover money we did a shopping spree for toys for children at the shelter.  It was so fun to just go crazy and find the coolest new toys!  Mostly definitely the best fake Christmas Eve I've ever had!

Then we did the usual Christmas morning; presents, yummy breakfast, etc.  

All-in-all, great (fake) Christmas!

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