Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday we had such a fun day.  We had two Halloween parties!  First we went to my cousin Tristen's house.  It was so fun!  We had a spooky dinner in the decorated, dimly lit, unfinished basement.  Then we had a scavenger hunt.  We all thought the kids would love it but after an intense race to the finish between Trevor and Steve it was clear who really enjoyed the hunt! And to top it off my Peter Pan and Tinkerbell won a prize for their adorable costumes!

Wendy and Tinkerbell

Peter Pan and Tink
(Yes, Dave wore tights!)

Then we went to the Parkinson's house for another super fun party with friends.  We had treats and played lots of games (one of which ended up with Dave eating a spoonful of hero!) Lily slept through most of this party and I didn't bring in our camera but I'm sure Lindsey will put up the pics she took soon.  

Thanks everyone for such a fun night!


Emma said...

Oh my heck Mikel, you are a seamstress! Those costumes are great.

Sally said...

Wow, great costumes!! I love family themes :)

Parkinson Family said...

you guys looked so GREAT! thanks for coming and playing! i should post the halloween pics soon, i have to catch up, but i will definitely do it this week!