Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Hiker

Last weekend Dave, Lily and I met up with Sarang (one of Dave's coworkers from Dallas) and his girlfriend Kat in St. George. Dave's grandma has a house down there so we were able to stay there and spend the weekend hiking Zions. We also hit up a show at Tuacahn...Les Mes! It was all a blast!
This trip also gave us a chance to use the awesome baby carrier that the Parkinson's gave us! It was perfect and Lily looked DARLING in it.

Getting the carrier all ready for our hike to Angel's Landing

Explanation: For the first day I forgot Lily's regular hat back at the house so we made a quick stop at the Children's Place Outlet where they had two big bins full of hats for $0.19! Unfortunately, this hat was the cutest one left! I still think Lily totally rocked it!
Lily also thought the carrier was super yummy...
Major design flaw: no comfortable way for baby to sleep!


Parkinson Family said...

oh i like the green! glad you guys finally got to use it! and i love her shoes! i totally agree with the sleeping arrangements, i usually put blankets on the side and in front, but tyler would usually end up looking like lily! the last video is cute, so did you get a new camera?

Dennis and Kathryn Peters said...

Lily is really growing! I love the cheeks! Thanks for your updates. She is beautiful!