Friday, August 1, 2008

And the chaos continues...

So I'm not sure if y'all have noticed or not but it has been a while since I last posted! We're still in the process of getting settled here in Alpine. Our stuff finally arrived on Saturday but our lives are still pretty brain does NOT do well with chaos. At this point our stuff is still kinda all over the place and we are just waiting for a bed at which point we should finally be able to get this show on the road and comletely move in...until then we are still sleeping in Dave's brother's room. I'm about this close to going crazy!

I have about 7 'draft' posts that are (and have been for a weeks) almost ready to go. Each post has some small element missing that is keeping me from posting. At this point I'm trying to take pictures a few more things, round up pictures from 3 different cameras, track down cords for said cameras, and think up answers to tags all in hopes of ever getting the neglected posts posted!

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Parkinson Family said...

i liked how you made "this" really small, i thought that was funny