Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Love of a Mother

I have often heard that you really don't understand how much your parents love you until you have your own child. I have always taken that to mean that you have to actually experience the love of your own child to understand the love your parents have for you. While I definitely think that is true, after having my own little girl, I believe I have found further insight into that idea.

For me, I think the best comprehension of my mom's love for me came during the few weeks after Lily's birth. It came in the way my mom swept in and took care of me. She was there for me during one of the most challenging times of my life. She showered me with love, praise, and understanding. She took care of all those other things that need to be done so I could focus on taking care of my little one. She took care of me when I was too distracted to take care of myself.

I am beyond grateful for my mother and for the time we had to spend together with my own daughter. I can only hope to be half the mother to Lily and my mom is to me!


Stephie said...

That is so true, Mikel. And I bet you just made you so happy by letting her know that! Hi Sherry!!

Brittany said...

Your mom is an amazing mother. She took care of Angie when my mother really needed help, so she was sort of a mother to my sister for a time as well. My boys love "aunt cherry" and know her as "grandma's friend," buy she is so much more to our family than that. I'm sure you'll be an amazing mom too, having been raised by such a strong, wonderful woman! Please tell your mom I love her!

Dennis and Kathryn Peters said...

Mikel, I am very grateful for the mother you have! It gives me great solace!

Emma said...

Having your own baby really makes you open your eyes to more things doesn't it? You will be and already are a fabulous mom! And your mom is awesome too, it's nice to be taken care of once in a while.