Saturday, May 10, 2008

8 pounds 11 ounces

I had an ultrasound and doctor's appointment yesterday. It went pretty much exactly how I expected.

Pros: Lily is dropping better than expected for such a large child.
I'm about 50% effaced.

Cons: No dilation.

Option 1: Try to induce on Thursday (the 15th) but if I still haven't dilated by then that would likely lead to a c-section.

Option 2: Wait to induce until Monday (the 19th) in hopes that she will either come on her own or I will dilate enough that induction won't cause c-section.

Option 3: No induction--Just wait it out and let her come on her own knowing that everyday that passes she continues to get bigger...and the bigger she gets the higher the chance of c-section.

I've been mulling these options over in my head and....I think I need more time to mull.


Brittany said...

Mikel, both Angie and I have a difficult time dilating too. With my first, I went past due and my doctor thought he was going to be huge (he wasn't) and so she induced me two days after my due date. When I wasn't dilating, they put a balloon type thing into my cervix to force it to dilate. My labor was 27 hours, it was painful, and really sucked, but, no c-section. If you want to know more about it, feel free to call me... maybe your mom has my number, or can get it from my mom. Maybe talk to your doctor about that as an option if you still don't start to dilate.?

Lauren said...

I don't know if this would make you feel better... but I had hardly started dilating when I was induced. I think I was at 1. In fact I don't think I had even effaced at all. Ethan was just as big and no c-section! It just took 2 hours of pushing to get him out. But it didn't seem like it was that bad...? Either way you're in my thoughts and prayers.

tadd&cat said...

She's almost here! I can't believe it, good luck with everything!

Parkinson Family said...

well whatever happens it will all be nothing compared to having her with you! but yes, shes not here yet....with tyler i was barely dilated to 1 and i dont even know how effaced i was and they induced me a week early b/c doc was going out of town, they gave me a bunch of pitocin and then they stopped within 2 hrs because i started to go into labor on my own, it did take 12 hrs though and with hailey well you know how fast she came, the day before i was dilated to a 2-3 and 80% effaced, and she was here less than 12 hrs later, so who knows, babies are crazy even when they are not even here yet! lol hope everything goes well and that you and the baby will be okay and will do whatever is best for the two of you! You are so close and then you're lives will be changed FOREVER! which is the best EVER!
p.s. did they tell you to start walking, thats what my doctor told me to help them move down and then my sister swears by castor oil to induce labor, so you never know
good luck!