Friday, March 21, 2008

30 Week Ultrasound

Our beautiful (albeit large) Lily.

I was told at my appointment yesterday that everything is perfect. All Lily's organs and body parts are developing just as they should. Her brain and heart development are right on track. I have next to zero chance of going into preterm labor. My weight gain is just right. And Lily is huge.

Supposedly at 30 weeks babies are supposed to be about 3 pounds...not my little one...she's 4 and a half. But they said that she doesn't have fat rolls (fantastic) she's "proportionally big" which really just means she's probably pretty long (a big thanks to Dave and all my 6' plus family members!) And if her weight gain continues in this manner she will probably be around 9 pounds at birth...gulp!!

[The sonogram lady took like 10 pics but I'm having some issues getting them scanned in a usable format. So I'll post the rest when/if I figure that out.]


Mare and Reid said...

Hi, Big Lily. When Mommy and Daddy's arms get tired I promise I will hold you!

So great that she is perfect!!! I can't wait and maybe she will even make her appearance a little early!

Beus Family said...

Hi, Mikel, it's Tiffany. I love your blog! You are going to be such a wonderful mother. Lily looks gorgeous! I can't believe technology these days! Good luck with everything!

Parkinson Family said...

lol! have fun with that :)
p.s. i cant make out anything in those pics even when they tell me what it is