Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nov. 7 and 8

Yesterday was definitely the roughest day of my pregnancy so far. I ran out of the meds and the insurance company won't approve more because they are so expensive. Walgreens was charging $400 for 20 pills for the generic brand so it's not overly feasable for me to buy them myself. Anyway, yesterday was kinda a blur of nausea and throwing up. But there are still many things to be thankful for...

1) My job and Larry in particular-for being so unbelievably flexible

2) A loving husband who takes such good care of me

3) Pandora-for keeping me company while I was sick

Nov. 8 I'm thankful for...

1) Lindsay-she saved my life today

2) Target-for being in a price war with Walmart

3) Being able to drink water again


Erin said...

oh man, you poor thing! i'll see if i can scalp some generic zofran for ya over here in china, although i'm not sure you'd want it due to china's recent track record with hazardous exports. i'm glad larry's been so flexible with you. he's a good guy.

Mikel said...

That offer is much appreciated...and you don't know how close I was to taking you up on it! Death can't be worse than morning sickness...right?