Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So this is a picture of what I look like all the time these days. Yes my hands have become manly and hairy...But more importantly I get to wear these sweet awesome wrist bands all day. But beyond their super stylishness they saved my life.

For those who don't know, these are acupressure wrist bands. They are based in the ancient Chinese art of Acupressure (yeah, kinda like acupuncture). The idea is that there is a spot on your wrists that, if pressure is applied, will stop nausea. So these wrist bands have those little button things that create constant pressure on the wrists. Sound a little sketchy to you? Yeah, me too. But here's my own personal testimonial:

For the last week and a half I had been experiencing constant nausea and vomitting and by Thursday and Friday I was unable to keep any food down at all. I called the Doctor but they were closed for the weekend so Dave called his mom and she told him about these nifty little wrist bands. By that point I was worn down enough that I would have tried anything. So I put on the wrist bands and I didn't throw up once all day Saturday! Granted, it could have been coincidence but it's now Tuesday and my vomitting has stablized to just a few times a day and I can eat again. So for $9.99 I'm a believer!

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Erin said...

so this is where you've moved to! i wondered why you hadn't updated your other blog lately. so this new fandangled chinese gadget seems pretty cool. if i ever have a rough pregnancy, heaven forbid, i'm definitely lining up at my local walgreens to fetch me one of these babies.