Monday, January 22, 2007

New York

Here are some pictures of our recent trip to New York. It was a blast! We stayed with Dave's sister Laura, who lives on Roosevelt Island, and got to see her adorable new baby boy, Blake. And play with funny little Ellie. We went and saw the Bodies exhibit (one similar to the one in the new James Bond movie). We went to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) a few times. We were going to go out to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty but the line was seriously like a mile long. But we did take a few pics from the edge of the pier! We went down to the financial district and saw Wall Street and that weird statue of the bull.

We also went to Ground Zero. I can't even really explain how that was. For some reason, just being there made 9/11 seem real. Even when it happened, when I was watching it on our little 8in. TV thousands of miles away, it never totally seemed real to me. But being there, seeing the big empty hole, and watching the first person accounts at the memorial became real to me.

We also saw two shows Wicked and Marry Poppins. I have to say that was by far my favorite thing. Dave and I both agree that we could do an entire trip of just broadway plays and be completely happy.

We also went to Times Square to watch the ball drop for New Years Eve! It was very fun. We had to engage in some strategic maneuvers to get a decent spot but in the end it turned out pretty good! Although, it really is one of those things that you really only need to do once. It's kinda cool but the ball is pretty small, there's a whole lot of waiting around for about 10 seconds worth of celebrating. But how could I have lived with myself if I hadn't gone to Times Square on New Years Eve while I was in New York!

We also ate some pretty good food. We went to one restaurant called Del Friscos, a steak house. It was fantastic. I tried a bite of steak and yummmy! I believe I could actually eat a whole steak from there! We also went to Serendipity, that one little place from that movie. It was kinda crazy, the wait was always at least 4 hours. So we put our name in and then we went to dinner across the street and hit the Met then came back and got right in! They're famous for their frozen hot chocolate...I have to admit I wasn't a huge fan. But the big brownie sunday sure hit the spot!

We walked around alot. We went inside Saks 5th Avenue and Bloomingdales. It's pretty unbelievable how big those places are! We also went to China town. It wasn't really what I expected. I guess I thought it would be pretty similar to China town in San Fransisco. It's really not. But Meg and I haggled with one guy and got 2 purses for $30 and we split the difference. Dave was intrigued by the watches, he bought 2!
Basically New York is a pretty cool city. Now I kinda want to live there!

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David Blake said...

Dang! Who is that guy in those pictures. Super cute.

And what is this about “Dave and I both agree that we could do an entire trip of just broadway plays and be completely happy.” I don’t like musicals. I like football. ***Honey, be careful how you portray me on the web–anyone can read this stuff.***

Truthfully, the plays were definitely a highlight. I had heard a lot about Wicked, so it had a lot to live up to, but it did it. KENDRA KASSEBAUM who played Glinda was even better than the Glinda in the recording of the original cast. She did fantastic with “Popular.”

But as much as Mikel, Megan, or I liked it, T was the one who liked it the very most. He couldn’t stop raving about it. “I loved it! I Loved It! I LOVED IT!” he said again and again the night after the show. We went to Del Frisco’s after the show and while the converation naturally went other places, T kept coming back to, “That Madame Morrible was so hot,” and “I wish I could sing like Fiyero.” T thought wicked was hot.

Times Square for the ball drop was a memorable evening and definitely worth the effort. Other highlights include getting to see baby Blake, Ellie’s little secret: “girls are beautiful and boys are smart,” and the food.

Thanks Laura and Dave for having us!