Friday, January 19, 2007

The Beginning

So this is it...I'm finially taking the plunge! I'm not totally sure how this is all going to turn out. As of now I'm planning on posting about anything and everything. Family, friends, pictures, thoughts, feelings, religion, politics it's all fair game!

I sholud probably give a little background info. I am a happily married member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have been married for 8 long months to the most wonderful, not to mention the cutest, man I know! I just graduated from Brigham Young University in December. I stil have pretty mixed feelings about that achievement! So now I am working full time for a non-profit organization called the More Good Foundation (I also have a link to their blog on my blogroll). And I fill my extra time with second, or maybe my third life-long love!
My religion is a major part of me. It helps me define my goals, values, and especially myself. Because of my religion I know without a doubt that I am a divine daughter of God with limitless potential. My beliefs will be the basis for many of my posts so check out this site for some great basic info on the Church.

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David Blake said...

Suggestion Baby, I say you start a list of the movies we watch, then between the two of us we can make mildly intelligent comments on them, leave personal ratings, etc., but if nothing else, just keep track of the thousands of movies we watch. It could be fun.