Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas just keeps getting better with the kiddos! Santa has the best job! What could possibly be more fun than seeing pure excitement from your kids?!

(Before the kids woke up--looks like Santa came!)

Let the present opening begin!

(Lily only asked for one thing from Santa...another phone. 
I guess the other 3 she has just aren't cutting it anymore)

(Charlie's favorite gift--
a Cars lunchbox so he can keep up with Lily and her princess lunchbox)

(And it was filled with his OWN crayons and paper)

(Both the kids got mini nerf guns in their stockings...perfect for sibling rivalry!)

(Luckily, Charles LOVED being shot in the stomach)

(Even Mom's and Dad's stockings were stuffed! 
"Who wouldn't love a can opener?!"
"Socks? My favorite!")

(And what's Christmas without a little Snow White action for Lil)

(My mom also got the kids these amazing art tables! Lily is in heaven...she pretty much lives at her desk.)

(I am often floored by how much these two genuinely love each other)

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