Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th in the City

I think it's pretty common knowledge that I am in love with SF; I have very few bad things to say about this city. But I'll tell you what...I was missing good ol' Provo like crazy on the 4th of July this year! SF has to be the least patriotic big city in the country! I couldn't find any fun festivities to take my kids to...not even a parade! And what is the 4th without a parade, BBQ, and fireworks?? Eventually I found a tiny local parade in Sausalito. Let's be honest....it was pretty lame but the kids had fun and I guess that's the point anyway!

Also, thankfully we were able to get our BBQ fix at the Hagen's.

We ended the night with fireworks.  The city does them down at Pier 39 but we didn't want to fight the crowds so we just watched from our house. They were a little far but it was a great view of the whole bay.

All-in-all not a terrible day!

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