Friday, November 5, 2010

Fleet Week

So this was actually back in October.  But I forgot to post this!  Every year San Fran has Fleet Week.  The Navy comes to town and puts on a few events.  They host tours of some of the ships.  And they have an AMAZING air show.  It's pretty cool.  The only downside is that they practice the air show all week right above our house which is actually kinda cool except it's SO LOUD!!! It kept the kids up terrified during naps all week!

(Some of the kids down at the Pier checking out the Naval ships)

Saturday was the actual Blue Angels air show.  Dave was out of town all week but I took the kids on a walk down to Crissy Field to watch some of it.  Lily was kind of in the middle of potty training and had an accident while we were there.  In true two-year-old-Lily fashion, she waited until I sat down to nurse Charlie and she stripped off all her wet clothes and ran around the crowded field...just far enough so she could pretend she couldn't hear me calling to her to get her clothes back on! You can't tell in this picture but here she is buck naked lying on the grass! That girls has an unusually large sassy-ness level for a girl her age!

Eventually she sauntered close enough for me to grab her...She certainly keeps my life exciting.


Rachel Hagen said...

those were loud, weren't they?! they were always flying over us too en route from the airport. and then with the playoffs and being so close to the ballpark, we were getting the loud jet noise too. hopefully it's all over!!

Lauren said...

First, I'm glad that I'm not the only one with a sassy 2 year old! And I haven't even braved potty training yet.

Second, your kids are super cute!

Third, I bet you're loving California! I can picture you very easily as a California girl.