Friday, October 1, 2010

Potty Training (aka: the worst parenting phase ever!)

We did it...we finally did it! After a few false starts we finally got our hands on a 3 day potty training program (thanks again Telisa!) that worked like a charm!

(Throwing away all the diapers)

(Drinking lots of juice)

The first day was rough, maybe only 3 or 4 successes, wet nap, wet night. Day two was much better, wet nap but dry night. And by day three she had it down! Best potty training moment: she ran into the bathroom by herself (cause I was feeding Charlie) and apparently peed successfully because she came running back in to me exclaiming, "I did it! I'm so proud of you mom!"


tiffany said...

YEA!!! Congratulations Lily! Is seriously is one of the worst phases of parenthood!! Where were you, Telisa when I was potty training my 5?

Sara said...

Good job Lilly!
It looks like that method is the way to go.
SO cute that she said she was proud of you after her success.

And, LOVE your beautiful photos of your beautiful family on the previous posts.

Van Leeuwens said...

YAY!!!! so glad it helped, however, i am starting to think that i don't like having a potty trained boy. . . he misses the toilet every time!!

Parkinson Family said...

oh yay! good job lily!! and good job for you too :)