Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fathers' Day

Here are just a couple pictures of the two best looking guys I know! Dave is such a good sport to let me dress them up in matching outfits for Fathers' Day!  haha

I am constantly floored by how great a father Dave is. Anyone who has ever seen him with his kids can attest to the fact that he actually totally likes them--and they're pretty smitten with him, too! I'm pretty sure he would say that the best part of his day is the time he gets to spend playing and being an absolute goof with them!  I am so grateful to have such an incredible parenting really makes all the difference in our family. We have been blessed with such great fathers in our lives!


Carrie said...

I hope you are framing every one of those pictures, they are absolutely adorable, I love, love, love the fist and last ones.

Parkinson Family said...

awww... love the matching!