Saturday, October 10, 2009

Farm Fun

So now that I am medicated again, I was finally able to get around to taking Lily to one of her favorite places on earth: Thanksgiving Point Farm Country. My mom took her there a lot this summer while I was at BYU but I just hadn't been feeling well enough to take her myself this last month!
Lily is still in the "there's-no-way-I'm-looking-at-that-camera" stage. So unfortunately, none of the pics are very good.

(This is Lily being thrilled with looking at the horses.
I didn't get a pic of her major freak out when I tried to put her on one!)

(Ducks, or "qack qacks" as Lily calls them. And yes, one bit her.)

(And here we have Lily and Jackson deep in conversation over bunnies.)

(I thought this one was kinda funny. All the girls paying zero attention
to each other, walking in completely different directions.)

Anyway, it was very fun to get out and see some friends, I really needed that! ;)

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Parkinson Family said...

i know i have a pic of the girls too, i was going to post, funny! the first ones a cute picture!