Sunday, September 27, 2009

A pilfered post

Lindsey posted this on her blog a few days ago and since I didn't have a camera that day and was the one driving the boat I'm just going to copy her whole post.

Couples Skiing

nope not David and I
David and Dave :)
(sorry the pics are blurry, i dont know what my cam was doing)

Deer Creek w/ Zinch

where'd david go?
still there :)
Dave yelling at the jet skiers that were getting a little too close
thats a close one
lookin' good
uh oh.......
and hes down

(Lindsey...hope you don't mind the steal!!)


Parkinson Family said...

lol, of course not!! it was fun, glad you liked the post :)

Mark and Jody said...

that is so funny that she called it "couples skiing!!" ahh dave and david!