Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday, Lily Dear (Part 1)

Yup.  It was my darling baby girl's FIRST birthday! And now my darling baby is no longer a baby...she's a full on toddler, walking and everything (more on that later)!

We did Lily's birthday in two phases.  We celebrated with my mom on Sunday-we'll call that 'labor' day-and with the Blakes on Monday-her actual birthday.

After church on Sunday (which, incidentally, was also Dave's brother's farewell) we went to my mom's for a yummy enchilada dinner.  We did a little decorating--yeah, I made a banner.

After dinner we opened presents. Lil got lots of great books, Grandma's specialty:

She got an adorable stuffed farm to help her practice her animal noises (she actually rocks at making animal sounds, hopefully I can put up a video of that soon!)

And then of course, the best part--CAKE!!

Then a few family pics.


cat+tadd said...

I LOVE your bangs! So flattering!

Parkinson Family said...

she looks so adorable in her outfit and her bow!! and cute banner, good for you!

Greg said...

wish lil a happy birthday for me

you look like a russian woman with that hair

Dennis and Kathryn Peters said...

Ok, that cake looks so good, my mouth is watering! The picture of you and Lily is absolutely priceless!! Happy birthday Lily!!

David Blake said...

Lily, you killed that cupcake. You ate every bite like it might be your last. I think you your expecting your luck to run out--thought we might wise up to the fact that we were letting you eat pure sugar and kill the fun. You loved that first cupcake more than anything I have seen so far.