Friday, March 6, 2009

I hate winter.

I'm lame.  I know it.  And I can't seem to shake this lameness.  Life has been uneventful.  I feel like my brain is slowly wasting away with every verse of I'm A Little Teapot. Please don't misunderstand me; I love being a mom.  I love Lil.  Just the thought of her melts my grumpy little heart.  Can't get enough of her.  Seriously. 

Things I CAN get enough of: sick-nasty diapers, runny noses all over me, never ending rivers of baby saliva (also all over me), the smell of formula, living out of boxes.

Things I currently miss: adult interaction (read: talking, lots of talking), feeling educated on current affairs, wearing heels, Dallas, feeling like a grown up!

It's Friday.  It snowed.  It's cold.  I'm in a minor funk. 

 Please disregard this blatant whine-fest.  

GOAL:  Write a post this week that proves I really am ecstatically happy and truly believe I have the best life.


Mardi said...

I only have one answer for you - if you REALLY want to know what is going on with current affairs...listen to AM radio. Pick your favorite host - mine is Rush Limbaugh. And it may sound wierd, but I find myself laughing and talking back to the radio. It works for me! Chin up - Spring is on the way!

Mommydew said...

Hang in there Mikel! Soon it will be warm and you'll outside feeling the sun on your face!

And I say don't worry that you are missing out on current affairs...they'll depressing. But if you can't tune into AM radio you can always catch videos of Glenn Beck on :)

Sally said...

I confess, I am (well, used to be) an AM radio junkie, too--now I find myself not knowing about current affairs, either. Gotta get on that...someday.

Oh, and one cure I found for the Utah winter blahs was to drive up the canyon and find the sun!! Ahh...pure bliss, I tell you.

Susan said...

I think all moms feel like that sometimes! As much as I love being a mom too, and am so grateful for being able to stay home with her it can be mind numbing and yucky at times! You'll come out of the funk soon. You are a great mom!

P.S. Ditto the radio idea - I like Glenn Beck and NPR (although I always have to take their opinions and sometimes slant with a huge grain of salt). iTunes has tons of newsy podcasts too that you can listen to anytime!

Sara said...

Amen sister! I have spring fever big big really does something to your mood. And the smell of formula, YUCK!
If it makes you feel any better, all of you looked beautiful in the photos Kathryn took.