Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby-proofing suggestions PLEASE!!

As you probably already know, we are currently residing in Dave's parents' basement.  It is what Dave likes to call "loft-style" living.  Basically that just means it's one big room-bedroom, couch/living room, desk/office, kitchen, pool table, closet-with no divided rooms with doors.  

What that means for my daily activites: I spend all day watching Lily like a hawk because she can easily move from 'room to room' and of course she has found (and loves) the most dangerous areas. 

These are what I consider our major danger zones:

Those are the worst ones.  The other areas-such as the kitchen with tile floor and bar stools, and the pool table with lots of pointy corners-cause a few tears now and then from head bonks and the like.  But I guess I'm just a little more worried about all the electronic hazards.  And Dave thinks it's cool to try to teach her to climb up those stairs, cause I guess I don't have enough kill-my-baby-things to worry about. 

My current solution has been to put a few throw pillows in front of the plugs and such but unfortunately my little Lil is smarter than a few throw pillows....they are really no obsticle for her.  

And so my question:  How can I baby proof this disaster-waiting-to-happen? Anybody?

[UPDATE: Dave has brought to my attention that this post comes across as whiny.  I am very sorry!  I didn't mean it as a complaint.  There's definitely nothing to complain about!  I was really just hoping for some advice!]


Stephie said...

Hey Mikel, I don't know if you get the catalog from One Step Ahead, but they've got awesome baby proofing stuff and other great ideas. You might want to check out their website! I love them!

Mardi said...

Let me know what works. So far, nothing has worked for us. Eli gets on and over anything put in his path. I guess it depends on how much determination your little one has. Good luck!

Parkinson Family said...

yeah im not good for this one either :) i really havent baby proofed anything, but david always wishes i would, they touch all his stuff :) good luck!

Beus Family said...

I love One Step Ahead also! I have had several of their products over the years!! But really if baby wants it baby will find a way! GOod luck