Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lily's first game of tag

Name and Meaning: Lily (ya know, the flower)

Age: 7 1/2 months

Nicknames:  The Lil, Lil babe, Lil love, Honey Bunches 

Favorite Activities: Scooting all over the floor, putting anything and everything in her mouth, eating, sleeping, drooling

Favorite Foods: I actually haven't found anything she won't eat.  Bring it on.  As of yet, she doesn't seem to prefer anything over anything else either. 

Least Favorite Foods: See above.

Favorite Music: Again, can't really say that she prefers anything.  We listen to a lot of music and she seems to enjoy it all pretty equally. 

Favorite Toys: Her new Noah's Arc she got for Christmas from Grandma Karen.  Anything she can shove into her mouth.

Favorite Books: And again, I don't know that she has a preference yet (hello, 7 months).  But she does love to read and we do it a lot. 

Favorite Item of Clothing: She got some adorable leggings and a matching hat for Christmas (of course that's really MY favorite, remember, she's only 7 months!)

What makes her happy: Playing with Daddy, cuddling with Mommy, hangin with Grandmas and Meg, waving at everyone else.  Bath time.  And food, never forget food.

What makes her sad: Getting her face wiped after eating, getting her runny nose wiped, taking away her bottle (even if it's just to readjust the lid when it's leaking all over her).

Funny words or phrases: Well, since she doesn't talk yet, I'm going to go with the incessant bubbles and raspberries she blows and her super high pitched squeals.

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Peters Family said...

That is so cute! I loved reading about all her favorites. She is darling.