Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Feedin Time (aka TOTW)

To put it lightly, Lily is serious about her food.  She has, therefore, become rather proficient at bottle handling.  She can almost completely feed herself at this point.  She snatches the bottle right out of my hands and attacks that poor thing.  These videos really don't even do it justice but it's the best I had.  Usually feeding time is too intense for me to be breaking out the camera!





David Blake said...

I like her protest she gives after she has her bottle back, just to let you know she is upset at you

Sarah said...

Why is this so hilarious? Haha, I love little kids.

Parkinson Family said...

i like your narration :)
and i would totally be mad at you too for taking my main food source away that many times!!! ha ha
yay for her and her totw

Trent and Kimberly said...

hilarious! ok, jackson does that too, but I am the one holding the bottle- so funny she grabs it from you with such force!

Lauren said...

Hey I'm reading These Is My Words right now too- half way through and loving it!