Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Half Birthday

The Lil is 6 months old.  Yes, she is.  Man I love her.  There ain't nothin like waking up and hanging out with this smile everyday:

Don't ya just want to squeeze those chubby cheeks??  I do.  She couldn't be a happier, more well behaved baby.  She loves smiling, laughing, and talking at high volumes.  She's a super grabber--old on to your hats.  Even better, she's a super drooler--anyone need a bath??  Her current favorite trick is to do a full body dive from the sitting position to her tummy and then yell at me until I come sit her back up so she can dive again.  She loves playing with her daddy and by 'playing' we mean wrestling, balancing, and flying (to name a few).  She's a doll.  She's most definitely one of the top two blessings in my life (hubby might be giving her some competition). How can life be this good?


Stephie said...

She is so sweet! Happy 6 months Lily!

Amanda said...

It's amazing how quickly time flies! Before you know it she'll be running around and causing even more trouble!

Parkinson Family said...

cute picture!!