Tuesday, October 28, 2008

8 Things

8 Favorite TV Shows: (In no particular order)

1. Ugly Betty
2. Heroes
3. House
4. Lost (it's kind of a love/hate relationship really)
5. Office
6. What Not To Wear (probably my all time fav!)
7. Any makeover and design show really
8. Prison Break and/or 24 (it kinda comes and goes with these two)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Woke up at 4:30 for some unknown reason and couldn't really get to sleep again
2. But was able to sneak in a nap during Lily's morning nap
3. Lots of laundry cause Lily pukes on everything
4. Tried to vote early but the line was an hour and a half long so I bagged it (maybe I'll try again later)
5. Went to Cafe Rio and Maggie Moos with the whole fam for family night dinner
6. Saw Ghost Town (also as part of family night) - dude that british guy is funny!
7. Loved my baby and my baby daddy way more than I did the day before
8. Finished the Glass Castle - awesome book (thanks for the recommendation Erin)

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1. Living in our own place again (crossing fingers that it's SOON!)
2. Getting to decorate said 'own place' -- Lily's room in particular since she's never had her own room
3. Halloween parties/Hells Cave
4. Winter being over (yes, I realize it hasn't even really begun...i despise winter)
5. Hanging out with Lily each day...she's a blast!
6. Reading, oh I love reading!
7. Riding, oh I love riding!
8. Getting Lily's Halloween pictures taken this week!

8 Favorite Restaurants: (Again, in no particular order)

1. Bajios
2. Cafe Rio
3. Zupas
4. Root Burger
5. CPK
6. Bombay House
7. Melting Pot
8. Charlie Palmers

8 Things On My Wish List:

1. One day becoming the craftiest person ever AND having my own sewing machine
2. Living near people my age with kids so I can hang out with other mommies on a regular basis again
3. Having friends that I can walk/exercise with (pretty similar to the last one)
4. Going on our next vacation - when and where??
5. Becoming super proficient at Photoshop
6. Not being sick for 9 months during my next pregnancy in hopes of having more than 2 kids
7. Getting all the bike gear that I need so I can be a real roadie and not get hurt!
8. Becoming the best wife and mother I can be -- to make hubby and kids as happy as they can be