Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hey everyone look over here...Lily is eating!

As most of you know, Lily has had some eating problems. It started with the breastfeeding. First she had latch problems, then once we finally got her latched she would just sit there and suck forever but because of the way she sucks she doesn't actually get any milk.  So eventually I just had to pump and give her the breast milk in a bottle.  But she still has a dis-coordinated suck/swallow (medical term!) so when she eats she sounds like this...  


She is SO loud!  And of course she always HAS to eat during the sacrament prayer and passing of the sacrament so the entire ward just stares at us.  About half of them give us a little smile and think it's cute, the other half give us the evil eye as if we're making her do that!

Anyway, I just bought her new nipple tops for her bottle (cause she's been using newborn ones for almost 4 months).  I thought it might be better for her if there was a faster flow but she just acts like she's choking the whole time.  So we're back to newborn flow.   I just dunno!


Michael said...

Lily is getting so big and cute. Thanks for the post.


Stephie said...

Too cute! I bet she burps well after all that! She is absolutely beautiful!

Cami Claire said...

I have to tell you, that is adorable and so hilarious at the same time! She really is a cutie! I bet you are having tons of fun with her.