Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For Daddy

Lily and I are now in Utah. We arrived yesterday and poor Dave is beside himself missing his little girl. So here are a few pictures of Lily in her new outfit that Grandma bought her today to hold him over until Thursday. I'm still working on some posts of the older pictures but this whole moving thing has kept things pretty busy and chaotic. Because of all the problems with our computer and our cameras our pictures are scattered all over the place. Anyway, just know that I'm working on it!

Lily has also been spending some quality time with Uncle Greg...she just loves him!


Dave said...

Ahhh... better.

I miss you guys. If you click on the top picture and make it big you can see that she is drooling. Ha. Cute outfit.

Dennis &Kathryn Peters said...

Great pics! We have missed your blogs! Glad your back in Utah!!

Tara said...

Those pictures are precious, she is so cute! greg is such a good uncle.