Sunday, May 18, 2008

The highly anticpated!

Guest post here--this is Dave. I know a lot of you have been waiting, counting the days just as I have. It is crazy how anticipation can just build and build and time starts to feel so slow. It feels tomorrow is never going to come much less the big day. But finally, the much awaited, the highly acclaimed, the new Death Cab album. I bring you Narrow Stairs:

Just kidding, although it is a good album from what I have heard of it (thanks Greg). Lily is finally here and she has already started to rock my world. She rocks it pretty hard.

Mikel started having contractions starting at 4:00 am Saturday morning. They were sporadic but strong enough to keep her awake. Saturday was spent with the iPhone in hand timing contractions.

We had intended to go to the temple Saturday morning but as Mikel's contractions kept coming I started thinking that she was crazy to want to do a temple session while in labor. So instead of ushering in our Lily with a day spent worshiping God and thinking of the eternal implications of this new addition to our eternal family we spent it watching some TV and taking a nap.

Mikel started working up an appetite and if there is a single lesson I have learned through the last 9 months it is to never get between a pregnant woman and her next meal. So we made it out for dinner--just munching down some CPK Jamaican Jerk while in labor.

The contractions started picking up on the way to dinner. We were contemplating whether to drive to the hospital or back home when Matt Burton called. Erin was offering to lend Mikel a donut pillow for the recovery. The call proved serendipitous in that Mikel had wanted a blessing before going into the hospital and we had tried calling our home teachers the night before but they were out of town. God really has watched out for us along the way through this pregnancy and I consider Matt's call a Tender Mercy. We were able to swing by the Burton's and Matt and I gave Mikel a blessing.

From there we headed into the hospital (8:00 pm). Mikel handled everything like she had done this all a dozen times before. She was calm and focused through her initial contractions, nothing more than a little teeth gritting. When it came time to push (4:30 am) she got through it in 45 minutes (Lily was born at 5:13 am).

Lily came out singing a little tune. She is a very content baby so far, with few tears and hardly a cry. She still hasn't eaten yet, but seems to be figuring things out slowly. For now Mother and Baby couldn't be better.


Erin said...

welcome to the world little lily! and we're glad for your momma's sake that you didn't tip the scales as much as anticipated. i'm honored you guys asked matt to help out with the blessing. i really felt the spirit strongly when you guys laid your hands on her head. thanks for letting us share that wonderful moment with y'all.

and for the record, i have purchased the new album, and i'm not yet sure it lives up to the hype as much as lily has surpassed hers.

Chelsea said...

Congratulations!! Im so happy for you guys!!! She is beautiful!!

Net said...

Hooray! Congrats to all 3 of you making it through all well and happy! And as far as going to the temple while in labor goes, I'm glad your hearts are in the right place, but even more glad you didn't go. I've heard some pretty horrific pregnant-in-the-temple stories...

congrats again - Lily is gorgeous.

Net said...

ps, I have a very late baby gift for you when you're up for visitors.

Chad & Tiffany Beus Family said...

Thanks so much for the great recap! We all knew Mikel would be a pro right off the bat! Congratulations again and we can't wait to meet her!