Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thursday, our last day in Paris!

Alas, Thursday was our last day of the trip. We started out strong with a visit to Les Invalides. This is where Napoleon's tomb is...Dave decided he needs a tomb like that.
We have lots of pictures like this, where we each had to take a pic of the other in front of the same thing! Dave's arms are long...but not always long enough!

We also went through the World War I and World War II museums in Les Invalides. It was pretty interesting but the only thing worth taking a picture of was this...

A life size replica of the A-bomb dropped on Japan!
(Dave took like 10 pics of it!)

After the World War museums we headed to St. Chapelle...
I am in awe...gorgeous!

We then finished the last of the mp3 audio tours. This one started at Saint-Germain-des-Pres. There were a few places along this walk that were closed so it wasn't quite as exciting as some of the others. But Dave really liked this we took some pics!

After our last walking audio tour we headed to the Musee d'Orsay. It appears that we didn't take any pictures there so I'll just put up a couple from the internet!

This was me by the end. "Alright Dave, that's it, I literally can not take another step!" As sad as I was to leave, I don't think my body (especially my feet, which swelled to 3 times their normal size) could have handled one more day!

So that was basically our trip! To conclude: my three favorite parts of the trip were being in the most romantic city in the world with the love of my live, getting to speak French to real French people in real France, and of course eating obscene amounts of crepes and pastries!


Dave said...

Hmmm. Obscene crepes and pastries were my favorite part too. Hmmm, so pasterie'y and obscene'y. How could one not enjoy the succulence of a thrice folded, banana and nutella crepe? When that’s dinner, you know dessert is going to be good.

Parkinson Family said...

looks like you guys had a great time, thats so fun that you got to go there, you did so much mikel, the last pic is CLASSIC! you're a trooper! we cant believe how close you're getting, we're so excited for you guys!

Sally said...

Pastries? I'm in!! I love that you guys just up and went to France--yay for spontaneity!

Van Leeuwen Family said...

Your trip looks like so much fun! In another life, I will be able to enjoy Paris too! I'm so glad that you guys had so much fun!