Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I have some very good news

Thanks to the goodness and grace of God, Kevin Boston, and Dave I am now totally vehicularly independent! After the unexpected surprise of Dave getting staffed locally in August and thus needing the car to get to work everyday leaving me somewhat stranded at home, I am now in the posession of an automobile!

A few weeks ago a friend from Dave's work, Kevin Boston, bought a new car and was getting rid of his old one. I'm not sure quite how it went down but somehow my hero-husband managed to secure an offer from Kevin to hold off selling the car and let us 'rent' it from him for a few months (until Dave starts traveling again).

So here I am, happy as a clam and free as a bird.

Quick thank you to my dad for his unparalled generosity with his car over the last few months!


Parkinson Family said...

Very cool, its always nice to have that independency

Mare and Reid said...

WooHoo! So exciting!